High Resolution Rapid Prototyping
High Resolution Rapid Prototyping

The Casting Haus employs a ‘Micro Modeling’ process called "The Envisiontec Perfactory System" to produce high quality resin models (15-20 microns) that are ready for casting. This revolutionary technique produces a very intricate and highly accurate prototype model, which represents your CAD Design to the finest detail.

While also used for medical applications such as shell manufacturing in the hearing aid industry, or for bio medical components, The Envisiontec Perfactory System is especially well suited for fine quality jewellery models because of its unique ability to produce very small and complex models with exceptional detail, and requires virtually no post finishing by hand.

To get started, email us your CAD Design file and we'll provide you with a quote to create a resin model using our sophisticated high-resolution rapid prototyping system.

For customers who require a CAD design, The Casting Haus also provides experienced and professional CAD Design Services. After your model is finished, you may choose to have your model cast in Platinum, .950 Palladium or 19K Super White metal at The Casting Haus’ expert casting facility. Depending on your business needs, you may also be interested in consulting services from Wohlers Associates.

How our High Resolution Rapid Prototyping works...

High Quality Services at The Casting Haus also Include:

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